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“The QuesGen database platform has been integral to allowing us to quickly and easily access data on our cohort of patients. Our goal in establishing the database was to better understand our patient population and to be able to have the ability for comparative analyses with like institutions. The ease of the platform and the support provided were added elements that have proven essential to its utility.”

Odette Harris, MD, MPH, Stanford


“One Mind has provided significant support to QuesGen in the development of the electronic data capture platform for deployment of the TRACK-TBI, CENTER-TBI and other TBI studies. The team at QuesGen understands the objectives of One Mind and is building tools that will enable investigators to share data and embrace the “Open Science” paradigm. We look forward to continuing our relationship with QuesGen for years to come”.

General Peter Chiarelli, OneMind

“It has always been a partnership with the QuesGen team. They always go above and beyond to work to help you accomplish your goals.”

Geoffrey T. Manley MD, UCSF, San Francisco General Hospital – Track-TBI


“We’ve been using the QuesGen System for the past seven years or so with great success. The system is very user friendly.  It’s built on the front-end with users in mind, and the back-end analysis incorporates the research staff. We originally considered using REDCap (a free internal tool) instead, but quickly realized that it would not allow for the analysis that we needed. Even though our technical expertise is limited, the QuesGen platform has increased the productivity and accuracy of our case managers. And we’ve found the QuesGen team to be very responsive to our needs, they actually care about how they are helping us”

Rochelle Dicker, M.D, UCSF – Director, San Francisco Wraparound Project