Hospital Based Violence Intervention Case Management Database

QuesGen’s QGCase database offers a powerful, cost effect, easy-to-use case management software platform to help effectively manage your clients.

Resources for caseworker with a focus on Hospital Based Violence Intervention

Programs for screening, enrolling and planning treatment for clients can take a lot of time. QGCase provides consistent screening, enrollment, and treatment for a number of different focus areas.


Screening your clients is the first step to getting them on the right path

Needs Assessment

Every situation is different. Plan your treatment around the needs identified during the initial assessment process.

Injuries and Events

Track the data associated with injuries and events that impacts client progress. Identify and respond appropriately.


From basic reporting to solutions that can include extracts into statistical programs for research.

Notes and Time

What have we accomplished? How much time did it take? QGCase tracks it all

Secure Participant Data

Based on a HIPAA-certified platform, data is safe and secure

Hospital Based Violence Intervention Programs

Violence prevention and intervention programs are being developed in a number of hospitals across the country.  By identifying and providing targeted counseling and support at the bedside, the chances of retaliation and recidivism are reduced significantly.  QuesGen started working with the the team at the San Francisco Injury Prevention Center to manage the data about clients in the program.

The system provides tools for understanding the number of cases screened, enrolled and addressed, but also provides a web-based application that supports the day-to-day case management.  QuesGen supports the National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (NNHVIP) and is working with leadership to develop a registry and comprehensive way to develop, implement and assess the operations of violence prevention programs throughout the country.

The National Network of Hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (NNHVIP) provides a forum and an annual meeting that allows leaders in violence prevention to share knowledge, develop best practices, collaborate on research, affect policy change, and more.

If you are developing a violence intervention program in your institution, want to provide data into the NNHVIP registry or just want to learn more, please call us at 415-738-8452.  We look forward to hearing from you.


QuesGen VIP Clients

“We’ve been using the QuesGen System for the past seven years or so with great success. The system is very user-friendly.  It’s built on the front-end with users in mind, and the back-end analysis incorporates the research staff. We originally considered using REDCap (a free internal tool) instead, but quickly realized that it would not allow for the analysis that we needed. Even though our technical expertise is limited, the QuesGen platform has increased the productivity and accuracy of our case managers. And we’ve found the QuesGen team to be very responsive to our needs, they actually care about how they are helping us” Rochelle Dicker, M.D, UCSF – Director, San Francisco Wraparound Project