General Clinical Research


QuesGen is the optimal solution

for any clinical research project:

Provides complete user security

Restrict PHI from those who shouldn’t see it

Log all transactions as required for HIPAA

Provides study teams easy-to-use tools that allow even non-programmers can to make modifications

Recruit Participants and Manage Clinical Research Data:

The QuesGen platform can either be delivered turn-key or as a set of tools for your team. Many of our clients work with our study design experts to take the requirements and to develop a set of forms and process flows required for the study. If you desire, we can train your team on the process of adding data elements to forms, or we can manage it for you.

The QuesGen platform

can be used to:

Easily build electronic forms

Build questionnaires

Conduct data analysis

Create custom security profiles to comply with HIPAA

Conduct patient recruiting through a custom website the delivers pre-qualified participants