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Patient Recruiting

Automate the recruiting process so you can focus on your research.

QuesGen allows the research team to create a customized website that provides direct patient recruiting using our study site service.

Study Sites

It allows the research team to quickly build patient recruiting websites without advanced web design knowledge. We’ll show you how to easily create new web pages and ad copy and images to those pages. If you can use Powerpoint, you can build a site with study sites!

Using study sites you can add so much more than just a bit of text and a few images. You can add:

Patient recruiting forms
Insert links to other relevant sites
Insert links to documents and important forms (consent forms, descriptions of diets, etc.)
Add or remove pages
Chance the names of the navigation tabs
Choose from a variety of website templates to customize the look and feel of the site

The Quesgen platform offers you the ability to build a recruiting portal that filters into your study database.

The most significant benefit of using a patient recruiting site is that it allows you to screen potential participants through a web-based survey.  The recruiting site delivers pre-qualified patients directly to your database increasing the number of potential participants for your study.

This ability frees up the time you would spend qualifying candidates and allows you to get back to your actual research.

You can have the best study but if you don’t have qualified participants, it’s all for nothing.