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QuesGen Systems, Inc. is a San Francisco Bay Area-based company that provides research services to organizations and investigators focusing on the development of treatments and diagnostics for traumatic brain injury (TBI) and brain-related diseases.

QuesGen is currently providing the data management support for CENTER-TBI, a large European project including 60 centers across 20 countries in the European Union with over 5,000 participants. The platform started patient enrollment in early 2015 and is expected to run until 2020. CENTER-TBI aims to improve patient care for those suffering from TBI, a condition that affects nearly 2.5 million people each year in Europe alone.

The project’s main research priorities include:

  • Comparative effectiveness research to determine the benefits of current treatments vs. the benefits of new treatments;
  • Prediction of outcomes and how they are affected by patient injury and the quality of general and particular management across care continuum;
  • Development and validation of surrogate markers of injury and recovery;
  • A patho-anatomical and mechanistic patient classification system that enables targeted therapies.

CENTER-TBI is included in the larger global inTBIR (International Initiative for Traumatic Brain Injury Research) framework – a Horizon 2020 initiative with projects currently ongoing in Europe, the United States and Canada.

CENTER-TBI is bringing state-of-the-art technologies and several world TBI experts together in a much-needed effort to tackle the silent epidemic of TBI. International and multidisciplinary collaboration are critical to the project in which past dogmas will be challenged and innovative approaches attempted.

The CENTER-TBI project organizers anticipate that it will revolutionize the view of leading TBI to more effective and efficient therapies, improved health care – at both individual and population-based levels – and better outcomes and lower costs.

QuesGen’s extensive experience and large library of electronic case report forms (eCRFs) and neurocognitive assessments allows for quickly executed studies that develop a treatment or diagnostic from concept to market. The flexible, web-based platform is HIPAA-compliant and provides an easy-to-use & modify CRF environment.

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