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QuesGen has a unique offering with a focus on TBI and Brain Health Research. The QuesGen platform enables Universities to increase their researcher’s ability to quickly create, deploy and manage studies.

  • Participant Portal
  • Comprehensive Support
  • Institutional Training
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QuesGen Systems supports Registries defining them as a large number of participants but less frequent users of the data collection system.

  • Data Collection
  • Multi-site Implementation
  • Hosting
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QuesGen Systems helps researchers increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity while developing and managing their studies.

  • Hosted Solution
  • Design Service
  • Complete Support
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QuesGen CTMS Software

The platform is a comprehensive web-based solution designed specifically for configuring and managing clinical databases at a reasonable cost. It will:

  • Provide complete user security
  • Restrict PHI from those who shouldn’t see it
  • Log all transactions as required for HIPAA
  • Provide teams easy-to-use tools so that non-programmers can make modifications

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Traumatic Brain Injury Research

For the past several years, an area of significant focus has been the study of TBI and brain health.

We have worked with a number of leading TBI researchers and have a solution that can be setup quickly and provided inexpensively. The systems that we can develop quickly utilize the Common Data Elements (CDEs) from NINDS and the data can be analyzed and shared easily.

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Violence Intervention Programs

QuesGen works with clinicians and investigators developing improved ways for managing hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (VIP).

Our system is based on two very successful programs: San Francisco Injury Prevention Center (Project Wraparound) and the Center for Nonviolence and Social Justice in Philadelphia (Healing Hurt People) but can easily be customized to suite your specific program.

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The QuesGen Difference

Powerful and Easy to Use Software Solutions for Researchers

QuesGen Systems, Inc. based in the San Francisco area, provides web-based data management systems uniquely developed for academic and commercial research studies and clinical trials. QuesGen also develops software that allows research teams to collect, store, update, monitor, and easily query research data. The software can improve the quality of data collected on the front-end, decrease data entry time, and allow researchers to track the progress of a study in real-time.

The QuesGen Difference