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TRACK-TBI is a large prospective TBI study spanning 18 U.S. sites

International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility

A large TBI study collecting data in over 5,000 patients across Europe

Hennepin County Medical Center

The nation’s largest, single-center prospective study on concussion and TBI


QuesGen Systems began with the vision of providing an easy-to-use web-based data management platform primarily for academic use. Over the last 15 years, QuesGen has grown into a full-service CRO company focusing on Brain Health. Though we still work in all areas of research, we have particular expertise in Brain Health and TBI research.

Our mission is to help research investigators by supporting their efforts in various ways allowing them to focus on their research. With our extensive knowledge of research standards, data sharing, outcomes and assessments we can accelerate a research team’s study allowing them to start enrolling patients right away.

Our goal is to be the preferred full-service clinical development partner for Brain Health research teams across the globe.   

We Offer A Full Range of Study Support Options Allowing you to Focus your Efforts on Research


QuesGen has built extensive knowledge and an off the shelf library of commonly used neuro-behavioral outcomes and assessments. Our expertise and understanding can help in the success of your study.

  • Library of over 100 assessments
  • Research Assessment Support
  • NIH Toolbox

Data Sharing

QuesGen Systems supports data sharing with the use of custom APIs. NIH funded TBI studies are required to submit their data to FITBIR. QuesGen allows you to easily submit your data to the FITBIR repository.

  • FITBIR Requirements
  • CDE’s (Common Data Elements)


Study Design Support

The design of a study is arguably the most important part of a study. QuesGen Systems helps researchers increase efficiency, accuracy and productivity by properly designing the set up of studies prior to enrolling it’s first participant.

  • Hosted Solution
  • Design Service
  • Complete Study Support

Areas of Application

QuesGen Software Platform is a general use platform with in-depth expertise in the following areas starting with Brain Health/TBI Research. Additionally, we’ve worked with research teams focussing from Cognitive Decline, Mental Health to Behavior Health (Violence Intervention) and Disease Management (Diabetes Research). The QuesGen platform is a flexible system that can be used in any area of research.


Brain Health/Traumatic Brain Injury

For the past 10 years, an area of significant focus for QuesGen has been Brain Health and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Research. QuesGen offers expertise in Brain Health research including in-depth knowledge of Common Data Elements for TBI, leading outcomes and assessments, methodologies, data sharing including FITBIR and study analysis. 

We have supported many of the leading TBI researcher studies including TRACK-TBI, The NCAA • DOD CARE Consortium, and CENTER-TBI. In working closely with these study teams, we have become very knowledgeable in the area of research outcomes and assessments such as the GOSE, SF-36, PHQ9 as well as the NIH-Toolkit. Our work and experience in the area allow us to offer a library of over 100 off the shelf assessments allowing for quick study development and set up often times enrolling participants in just a couple of weeks.

The systems can be developed quickly using the Common Data Elements (CDEs) from NINDS and the data can be analyzed and shared easily. If you are receiving NIH grants, you’ll likely need to share your data with the FITBIR repository using the FITBIR Global Unique Identifier (GUID) tool. With the QuesGen system, the submission to FITBIR is seamless as the software with automatically generate the GUIDs required for FITBIR submission.


Cognitive Decline/Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting more than five million Americans with an estimated 44 million people worldwide living with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia.

With these staggering numbers, Alzheimer’s is designated as the most expensive disease in America, costing more than heart disease and cancer. With that, the NIH is expected to spend $2.3 billion on Alzheimer’s research in 2019.

With the increased activity and research dollars being invested in Alzheimer’s research and our expertise and focus on Brain Health and TBI, it was a natural for QuesGen to broaden our offering to Alzheimer’s research. 



Behavior and Disease Management

QuesGen works with clinicians and investigators developing and improving ways for managing various behavioral and disease management studies. These studies range from diabetes management and research to hospital-based Violence Intervention Programs (VIP).

Many programs across the country us the QuesGen platform to manage their programs and develop improved ways for executing hospital-based VIP. Many of the NNHVIP programs in the US are using the QuesGen Case Management web-based software to manage and support their programs. QuesGen is also the platforms selected and supporting the VIP Registry. Our system is an off the shelf case management platform but can easily be customized to suit your specific program.



General Clinical

Regardless of your area of research, the QuesGen platform is an easy to use web-based data management system used in various types of research across the world.

With our easy-to-use general use data management platform, you can set up and begin enrolling participants within a week. You can accelerate your clinical trial with the use our the QuesGen off the shelf assessments, EDC forms and ePro. QuesGen was built with the idea that you don’t need to be a programer to make changes to the systems. It is very user friendly so with QuesGen’s flexible systems, forms can be customized buy our client services team or you can be trained to make the changes yourself.   


What Investigators Are Saying

“The QuesGen database platform has been integral to allowing us to quickly and easily access data on our cohort of patients. Our goal in establishing the database was to better understand our patient population and to be able to have the ability for comparative analyses with like institutions. The ease of the platform and the support provided were added elements that have proven essential to its utility.” Odette Harris, MD, MPH


“It has always been a partnership with the QuesGen team. They always go above and beyond to work to help you accomplish your goals.” Geoffrey T. Manley MD

UCSF, San Francisco General Hospital – Track-TBI

We have worked with the QuesGen team on several projects. They have provided a highly skilled team who are always responsive to our requests. They have come and cleaned up situations where other vendors fell short. We would recommend QuesGen for complex data management and study execution.

Editor-in Chief, Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology, Diabetes Technology Society

“One Mind has provided significant support to QuesGen in the development of the electronic data capture platform for deployment of the TRACK-TBI, CENTER-TBI and other TBI studies. The team at QuesGen understands the objectives of One Mind and is building tools that will enable investigators to share data and embrace the “Open Science” paradigm. We look forward to continuing our relationship with QuesGen for years to come”. General Peter Chiarelli


“We’ve been using the QuesGen System for the past seven years or so with great success. The system is very user friendly.  It’s built on the front-end with users in mind, and the back-end analysis incorporates the research staff. We originally considered using REDCap (a free internal tool) instead, but quickly realized that it would not allow for the analysis that we needed. Even though our technical expertise is limited, the QuesGen platform has increased the productivity and accuracy of our case managers. And we’ve found the QuesGen team to be very responsive to our needs, they actually care about how they are helping us” Rochelle Dicker, M.D, UCSF – Director, San Francisco Wraparound Project

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