About The Study

The goal is to test the effects of replacing sugar-sweetened beverages with milk. We want to study this in teen boys who usually drink 24 oz. (e.g. 2 regular sized cans of coke) or more of sugar-sweetened drinks per day. We are also looking to study this in teen boys who weigh within a certain amount for their age and height.

Are you a teen boy who drinks soda?

If you drink about 24 oz. or more (2 regular cans or more) of sugar-sweetened drinks per day and less than two cups of milk per day, you may be eligible for our study. Click here for a list of sugar sweetened beverages if you aren’t sure about what you drink. We are studying teens who weigh a certain amount for their age and height, so we will need to check your weight and height to see if you qualify for the study.

What you will do

You will first need to take a survey and talk to one of the study staff to see if you might qualify. If it looks like you might qualify, we will schedule you to come to our clinic in the morning in Berkeley for a blood draw and body measurements to make sure you qualify. Your parent or legal guardian will need to either first talk with us over the phone or come with you to this visit so you both can sign a consent form to agree to be in the study.

If you qualify, you will come for a Pre-Study Visit so we can give you instructions for the study. Then, you will drink 2 cans of soda a day for 3 weeks and 3 cups of milk a day for 3 weeks. We will give you the soda and milk. During the study you can only drink what we give you and water. Between the soda and milk periods, you will have 2 weeks off to drink what you usually do (called a “washout”). The whole study is about 8 weeks. The picture below shows the time line of the study.

During the study, you will come into our Berkeley clinic weekly to be weighed, get your milk or soda, and take some surveys. At the end of the milk and soda periods, you will come to the clinic in the morning for a blood draw. If you complete the study, you will receive $370. If you complete some optional procedures, you will be compensated another $50.

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What we will do

At your screening visit, we will measure your weight, height, and blood pressure, as well as take blood (you will need to do this on an empty stomach). Then we will let you know if you are eligible to be in the study. 

If you think you may be eligible, please visit the “To Participate” section of this website!