About The Study

We are looking for healthy men and women 21 years or older to participate in this study. Visit the “To Participate”┬ápage to find out more about the eligibility criteria.

As a volunteer in this nutrition study, you will be asked to:

  • Follow a 1 week of a “run-in” diet exactly as instructed for 1 week. The run-in diet will consist of a few days of menus from each test diet, so you can get used to following the study diet instructions before you start the test diets.
  • Eat 3 different test diets, each for 3 weeks exactly as instructed after the run-in diet. Two of the test diets will be based on the Mediterranean diet and one test diet will be based on a typical Western diet. These test diets will contain normal types of foods and you cannot make any substitutions.
  • In between the test diets, eat your regular home diet for 2 weeks. We will not provide you with any food to eat during this time.
  • Come to the clinic for a blood draw at the beginning of each test diet period (~1 hour visit)
  • Come to the clinic for 2 days in a row for blood work and other measurements at the end of each test diet period (1st visit ~1.5 hours, 2nd visit ~1 hour).
  • Meet with the study staff weekly for 15 minutes throughout the entire study. During the weekly visits, you will be weighed, pick up your food for the next week, and have a chance to discuss any questions or concerns you have with the study diets.
  • Wear a pedometer throughout the study to track your physical activity.
  • Collect a urine sample at home once during each test diet.

Below is a diagram of the study to help you understand what will happen during the main part of the study. Before the main part of the study, you will need to come to the clinic for a blood draw to see if you are eligible. If you are eligible and want to participate, you will meet with our nutritionist before you start the study.

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Following the Study Diets:

To be part of this study, you will need to follow the diet exactly and eat everything as instructed. We will provide frozen entrees and some packaged foods as well as a menu and shopping list for you to purchase the other items that are part of the diets. You will need to keep the receipts for these purchases and we will reimburse you at the end of the study. To find out more about the diets you will have to follow, click on “The Study Diets” page.

Because weight loss or gain will affect our study results, we will try and give you the right amount of food to keep you at the same weight throughout the study. If, at your weekly visits with the study staff, you appear to be losing or gaining weight, we will adjust the amount of food we give you. Alcohol and dietary supplements (i.e. vitamins) will also affect the study results, so we require that you abstain from consuming either of these while you are in the study, even when you are eating your home diet.