Pediatric Percentile Calculator for Height, Weight, BMI, and Blood Pressure

Instructions: Enter the height (feet/inches, centimeters, or inches), the weight (kilograms or pounds) and the systolic and
diastolic blood pressures. Leave either Age or DOB blank. If both are entered, the system will use the Age value and
not DOB.

Click "Recalc". The z-scores and percentiles will appear in blue.

Use this for those 20 years of age and less.

Assessment Date
SBPmm Hg
DBPmm Hg


Out of Range - The values you entered are out of reasonable range. For the Pediatric Calculator, the range is 2 years to 20 years of age.
Height, weight, and BMI z-scores and percentiles are based on sex and age in months. Source:

Blood pressure z-scores and percentiles are based on sex, height z-score, and age in years calculated from age in months
without rounding. Details of the calculation are available in Appendix B of the NHLBI's Fourth Report on the Diagnosis,
Evaluation, and Treatment of High Blood Pressure in Children and Adolescents, May 2005:

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