Please verify calculations. Software is provided on an as-is basis and no warranty is made of any kind.
Note: Last updated March 10, 2011. The calculator will now return a -99 if required factors are
not provided. Some factors, when not entered count as normal and others will prevent calculation.
Any missing factors will be indicated.

If patient is intubated and Visual and Motor GCS values are provided, the Speech value will be imputed.

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Apache III Calculation

Enter the values for the patient below.

If there are multiple values that were collected during an evaluation period, enter them separated by commas and the score will be calculated with the one that provides the highest Apache III score.

Mean BP (mmHg)
Temperature (C)
Respiratory Rate
PaO2 (mmHg)
AaDO2 (mmHg)
Hematocrit (%)
WBC Count (cu/mm x 1000)
Serum Creatinine (mg/dl)
Acute Renal Failure
Urine Output (cc/day)
Serum BUN (mg/dl)
Serum Na
Serum Albumin (g/dl)
Serum Bilirubin (mg/dl)
Serum Glucose (mg/dl)
Age (years)
Primary Comorbidity
GCS Visual
GCS Speech
GCS Motor