Stanford TBI Outcomes

"The QuesGen database platform has been integral to allowing us to quickly and easily access data on our cohort of patients. Our goal in establishing the database was to better understand our patient population and to be able to have the ability for comparative analyses with like institutions. The ease of the platform and the ..."


Wraparound Project

"The mission of the San Francisco Wraparound Project is to stop the revolving door of violent injuries in the city of San Francisco. By finding resources in the community to address multiple factors, Wraparound case managers address the root causes of violence. Many young people become serious about changing their lives while in the hospital. ..."



"The global aim of this project is to test and refine Common Data Elements (CDEs), neuroimaging standards, and best practices for genetics and proteomics in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) studies. The investigators anticipate that this project has the potential to substantially advance and revolutionize clinical research in TBI. Repositories for neuroimaging, proteomic, and genetic biomarkers will facilitate ..."


UCSF Hospital Medicine

"Biomarkers and Surgical Risk Estimation (BSuRE) Study QuesGen is helping me manage data for a complex project where we are collecting chart, administrative, and patient interview data, as well as managing results from laboratory testing. The QuesGen model was critically helpful to us because it was able to be used at many sites and with ..."


CNS Response

"We are a small company and we need to have the support of a good product, flexibility, fast turnaround, and personalized service; not to mention that we need it all for a reasonable price. QuesGen has been all that for us and QuesGen’s Support has been a great interface for bringing it all into reality ..."


UCSF Center for Obesity

"Stress, Inflammation and the Metabolic Syndrome (SIMS) Study We are working with QuesGen on a randomized controlled trial of a pediatric obesity intervention. We are very satisfied with the customer service, technical expertise, and functionality of the database system. In fact, we are so happy with the product and the technical assistance provided, that the ..."


UCSF Pathology & Lab Medicine

"Transfusion Related Acute Lung Injury (TRALI) The aim of this NIH-funded study is to prospectively determine the incidence of and risk factors associated with TRALI, at two large university centers, UCSF and Mayo Clinic. QuesGen has done an excellent job in developing a web-based database for use from multiple sites and laboratories. QuesGen has been ..."


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